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A reliable mail delivery service is essential for any website that wants to engage with its audience through email marketing. Having a seamless integration between your website and email campaigns is crucial. That’s where our Mail Delivery Service comes in.

Benefits of our

Mail Delivery Service

Our email marketing platform will help you customize every aspect of your email sending, to provide your audience with the content they want when they want it.

Email Delivery

Howdy eMail carefully monitors all outbound traffic from our servers and listens carefully to the responses we are getting from the destination servers who are receiving your email. If they tell us to slow down, we slow down, if they tell us to stop, we stop. Ultimately, your reputation as an email sender and our reputation as an email provider is based on what those destination servers think about your mail.

cost effective

We keep pricing simple. We do not limit the size of your mail list or have daily send limitation. Cost is only linked to the volume of emails send per month. If you’re running short you can always top-up or upgrade to a large pakage at any time.

Spam filters

We will help you to validate your sender domain by adding the correct SPF and DKIM records to your domain. This basically tells the recipient servers that you trust Howdy eMail and that you’re allowing us to send emails with your domain name. SPF and DKIM records are later read by the recipient server and their presence is sure to improve email delivery. 

transactional emails

Our system is compatible with WooCommerce or any other WordPress plugin that utilise the default wp_mail function. Keep track of all your transactional emails and keep your customers informed at all time.

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    By utilizing our email marketing platform, you can tailor every element of your email distribution to ensure that your audience receives the content they desire at the optimal time.

    The Newsletter Plugin

    The Newsletter plugin for WordPress is a cutting-edge email marketing solution that handles all aspects of user subscriptions, email automations, follow-up notifications, and list development.

    • No Limitations
    • Powerful tracking
    • Visual Composer